Dumont Dunes


Dumont Dunes is a incredible must ride place. It has the tallest steepest Dunes in the USA. Not for the faint of heart. Its much different then Glamis which is much smaller dunes with lots of bowls. Glamis is a much larger riding area but not near as steep of dunes. Dumont has the north and south poles which are literally poles stuck in the ground at opposite ends of the park. Don't even bother coming without paddle tires. There is also a drag light setup for those of you speed freaks. It becomes a party at night with the stripper poles and such making their appearances. Especially around Thanksgiving time. This spot is frequented by mostly people from Las Vegas and Southern California. It is easy to get you, off the 15 exit baker about 100 miles south west of Las Vegas. Take the baker exit and head north till you see the sign to go right to Dumont dunes. Around 40 miles north of baker. You are out in the middle of the desert with no stores nearby. So take plenty of water and everything else you may need. Be careful on these dunes, do not just ride over the crest. Stop ahead and take a look, some have enormous drop offs. Definitely worth a visit!