Glamis CA


Glamis is the premier place to ride dunes in the USA. There is no doubt if your into off-road vehicles you have heard of Glamis. It is the largest riding area of sand dunes out there. So large you have to be careful to not get lost cause all the dunes look similar and the landscape can change with the winds. ITP or Maxxis paddle tires are a absolute must here. Horse power is king in the dunes, remember that cause you will quickly see who the kings are out there. There are some incredible huge bowls and great climbs to do. Be careful when cresting the dunes as they might just fall off on the other side which would be bad for your health. You need a whip to ride here and I recommend a good LED light bar. carries some real good ones. Glamis is remote so keep that in mind when packing. There are numerous vendors out there to purchase goods from but they aren't cheap. So pack extra!