Deland Motorsports changing the way home mechanics take care of their vehicles



An idea hit Deland Motorsports General Manager Robert Stacy that could change the home mechanics way of doing things forever. As GM for the highest volume Suzuki dealership in the South Eastern US he knew not everyone could afford high retail pricing for oem parts and that not everyone wants to use a service dept for their repairs. There had to be a better way. was born. He created a site that breaks down each powersports vehicle using a advanced microfiche system that will tell the home mechanic exactly the part number and amount of parts needed to do a particular job simply by referencing the parts fiche. For Instance take your 1999 Arctic Cat 500 and it needs a clutch kit. Simply from the home page click artic cat/atv/1999/500/clutch assembly and off you go.

However it was realized that this would not be enough. Due to the current economic environment adjusted their pricing to match it. The pricing was set as such as it would be the same parts pricing that most repair shops pay for their parts. The savings now are going directly to the end consumer.

In the first 2 months of implementation of the new website and pricing formula they have seen a 1200% increase in oem parts sales for their suzuki, arctic cat and yamaha product lines. International business has increased over 283% from the previous 2 months.

This also gives smaller repairs shops a chance to compete with larger franchise dealerships with almost equal footing. It also allows people in more rural areas access to oem parts that once were not available and the technical information to make advanced repairs possible.