Silver Wood Lake Trail   


If you live in Southern California and are looking for a incredible trail ride through some beautiful mountain scenery for a day ride, then look no further then silver wood lake. Simply go north on the 15 and when you see hwy 138 exit there ( look for the mcdonalds on the side of the freeway in the cajon pass) and make a right. You will stay on this road all the way to the lake. Once you see the lake and are wrapping around it after you completely pass the lake shortly there after on the left hand side is a quick turn off drive down it, about .5-1 mile past the boat launching docks on the left.  If you make a sharp turn to the right and start heading up the mountain you went to far.
    This is mountain trail riding in so cal at its best. You can hop on your suzuki kingquad or arctic cat wildcat and do some of the most technically challenging trails available. You start by getting to make a choice at a fork in the trail. Make a left and go up a steep hill with lots of switchbacks or right to take a fire trail up towards lake arrowhead.  Obviously we take the steep trail with switchbacks! Do not go to fast up the trail because it is a 2 way trail. I've seen a few people get taken out on it. Also its extremely steep if you launched off the side. Once you get to the top you will come to another fork in the road. Left is some highly technical mountain goat trails. I do not recommend it for new riders. Very steep, very challenging. To the right is some above average difficulty trails along with a fire road that goes around each trail challenge. Great for friends with different riding skill levels. The trails follow each other in a figure 8 so you only have to do what your comfortable with. A polaris rzr with 4wd will eat these trails up and is a lot of fun. You will eventually hit a valley that is a great resting stop. The fire trail we first talked about meets up with you here. From there, you head out a ways to a water cleaning station. You will drop down a trail head right before it on the left. Take that all the way to the street. Cross it and then more choices await. If you are under 50" wide there is a nice technical trail with water crossing on the right. There is a couple real tight switchbacks and some good elevation changes in there. So if your on a bigger vehicle like a rzr or arctic cat trail be careful. If a tree fell down you could end up having to back all the way out. The brush is to thick to turn around. I had a tree rip off my side shoulder cage in there. Fortunately got me hooked up with a cheap replacement. If you don't go down that trail you can take a peaceful rolling hill trail with a couple roller coaster drops for fun. At the end of this section there is a rest area with a bathroom. From there you will go down a long hill and will have many choices for trails. Either head off into the desert or up into the mountains. If you choose the mountains there is a great rock climbing trail you will encounter of moderate difficulty. Once you get to there and do it this is where I would typically turn around and head back as you have covered a good amount of distance and are likely tired. If you go past here let me know what's back there cause I haven't been. Enjoy!

River Crossing Silver Lake Trail