Proper Riding Attire 


This is a subject very important to me cause I see so many people neglect it. If you are new or have been riding for many years it does not matter. Once you choose to become a motorcycle rider you will go down. It is unavoidable. I have ridden for many years and competed in amateur racing so my skills are very good as a background for your info. However the track is a controlled environment vs the street is not. I have wrecked many motorcycles on the track and been down many times. Some my fault, some not. However im still in one piece and dont have any of the battle scars you see on many riders. Why? Because I wear proper gear. When you ride you, you are on just 2 wheels with a very small contact patch and high lean angles.  It's been raining and a car is losing oil and you follow it around a corner, your going down. Your on a curvy fun road and come into a blind corner and for whatever reason there is sand and lose gravel all over the road, your going down. Your doing 5 mph in a parking garage and a car lost oil that blended into the concrete, your going down! Your on the freeway and some cell phone calling idiot changes lanes and side swipes your rear, your going down bad! These have all happened to me and I know they can happen to you. So what do you need to survive these things? No 1 a full face helmet such as a good shoei or arai helmet. A brain bucket is exactly that, something to hold your brain after your face and jaw have been ripped off. A good pair of gloves, ones with hard armor in the impact areas like some good alpinestars. A riding jacket with hard armor and a spine plate, like a good cortech jacket. Riding jeans, no not your Levi's they will tear like tissue paper when they hit the road, imagine what it will do to your leg. Nothing better then having a scraper rip out rocks in your mangled flesh. Riding jeans have special matierial designed not to tear in the event that you go down. Most of all and I cant stress this enough, do not I repeat do not let a passenger ride on your bike with you without full gear.  Its bad enough that the rider doesn't take their life seriously but to endanger someone else because you think its a inconvenience or not cool is ridiculous. That person is literally putting their life in your hands and I dont care how good you are or how well you know the road, stuff happens and do you want to live with that on your conscious? Thanks for listening and please ride safe.