Willow Springs Motorcycle Club is a incredible place to go and ride whether your new or a advanced rider.  There are many different clubs and track programs that host days there.  They have a large high speed track and a smaller tight slow speed track.  It has been featured in many commercial, and hosted many vehicle reviews.  Personally I like fastrack riders, they offer a great program there for new and experienced riders alike for a day at willow.  Make sure you prep your bike, speedo must be covered, all lights removed from the bike, same with the mirrors.  I recommend some good fresh tires.  Of course make sure you have excellent oem suzuki parts in your gsxr too, I know www.partsoutlaw.com is allways there for you on that one!  http://www.willowspringsraceway.com/

They are located at 

3500 75th Street West 

Rosamond, CA 93560